Discover the Exciting Units Coming in Rune Seeker’s Alpha Test

In this Alpha Test, each player will be defaulted to owning 12 Units. With this abundance of options at your disposal, you’ll have a myriad of formations, gameplay styles, and tactical approaches to explore and experience.

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9 min readMay 30, 2023

Greetings, Rune Seekers! In this Alpha Test, each player will be defaulted to owning 12 Units. With this abundance of options at your disposal, you’ll have a myriad of formations, gameplay styles, and tactical approaches to explore and experience.

In this article, we will provide you with essential information about these 12 Units, giving you a solid foundation to embark on your Rune Seeker journey. To begin, we highly recommend reading the Unit Overview article, which will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of each Unit’s characteristics and capabilities. This initial step will paint a clear picture and set the stage for your exciting adventures ahead.

Now, here we go!

1. Ignis Unit

  • Orc Necromancer

A powerhouse with high ATK and exceptional counter-attack abilities. With the passive skill Pyroborn Blood, this unit delivers consistent and potent counter-attack damage, ensuring stability in battles.

But that’s not all — get ready for the devastating Poison debuff of the Wolfen Bite skill. This skill inflicts a formidable blow, dealing 15% of the enemy Unit’s MaxHP over 1 turn. It’s a force to be reckoned with.

For all the buff and debuff information, please check this list.

Orc Necromancer is your go-to main attack unit for both PvP and PvE battles. Its strength shines, particularly when facing Bosses known for their debilitating debuffs.

Orc Necromancer’s only downside is its low EQL.

  • Burning Striker

Among all the units showcased in this article as well as the Alpha Test, Burning Striker stands out as the unit with the highest ATK. But its uniqueness doesn’t end there. This unit boasts a gameplay mechanic like no other, thanks to the passive skill Trailblazer.

To fully unlock Burning Striker’s potential, strategic protection becomes paramount. He must be safeguarded as the last surviving unit in your faction. Once this condition is met, brace yourself for the emergence of its awe-inspiring base damage.

Perhaps Burning Striker’s greatest strength is also his Achilles’ heel. Maximizing his abilities becomes a challenging task as safeguarding the unit in battle can never be guaranteed. This challenge is magnified by the multitude of variables that inevitably arise in every Rune Seeker encounter.

  • Cursed Warlock

In contrast to Orc Necromancer, Cursed Warlock excels when the enemy Unit is plagued by debuff effects. With the Great Tree ability, his gameplay becomes more dynamic. For each debuff inflicted upon the enemy Unit, the damage dealt by Cursed Warlock increases by 10%. This means actively utilizing Runes or Units capable of inflicting debuffs on opponents can optimize his damage output.

Furthermore, the Confused debuff caused by the Mind Spinner is particularly menacing. When an enemy Unit is afflicted with Confused, it automatically attacks any other enemy Unit, adding an element of unpredictability to battles.

With his impressive damage, active gameplay, and formidable debuffs, Cursed Warlock is a worthy choice as the primary attacking unit for your squad. However, to fully harness Cursed Warlock’s abilities, a diverse pool of debuff-capable Runes is essential to provide adequate support.

2. Aqua Unit

  • Elven High Mage

Spirits, as discussed in part 4 of this article, are additional Units summoned into battle using the Spirit Call Rune. Each Spirit possesses a unique ability, capable of dealing damage or applying debuffs, which can significantly impact the outcome of a battle.

Among the Units featured in the Alpha Test, Elven High Mage stands out not only for its impressive HP but also for its passive skill, Magic Barrier. This skill grants the High Mage immunity to any damage or debuffs inflicted by the opponent’s Spirit. With proper utilization, Elven High Mage becomes not only a formidable counter against Spirits but also a valuable asset as a tank for your squad.

  • Werepolar Bear

If you enjoy the Aqua element gameplay, Werepolar Bear offers a compelling choice. This unit possesses the ability to enhance its damage output when adjacent to Aqua Terrain tiles. Not only does the Werepolar Bear heal a substantial amount of health each turn, but it also inflicts formidable damage.

Moreover, the North Wind skill inflicts the Slow debuff, which decreases the opponent Unit’s SPD by 30%. This proves to be a valuable asset for Werepolar Bear when combating Aer Element units or any enemy attacker Units. However, maximizing Werepolar Bear’s abilities will require a significant quantity of Creation Runes to generate Aqua Terrain Tiles. It’s important to note that accomplishing this feat may prove challenging, especially in PvP battles.

  • Tornado Capturer

As the only healer Unit available in the Alpha Test, undoubtedly, this unit will play a pivotal role in the Rune Seekers’ mission to vanquish their foes, particularly in PvE mode.

Tornado Capturer’s healing prowess is activated when you strategically position the remaining 2 Units next to the Capturer during battles. What sets this ability apart is its intriguing synergy with defensive Runes like Thunderod or Wolf Totem. When combined, they bestow tremendous resilience upon your squad, effectively mitigating enemy damage. This potent combination grants you a significant advantage in battle, especially when facing squads lacking tankers or healers.

3. Aer Unit

  • Griffin Defender

Griffin Defender embodies a paradoxical nature, boasting impressive ATK and SPD stats alongside the Haste buff (which elevates SPD by 30%). This unique combination establishes Griffin Defender as one of the foremost attackers, delivering high-damage blows in the Action phase of battle, granting your squad a distinct advantage. Furthermore, the Kneedrop skill inflicts the formidable Weak debuff, reducing the target Unit’s maxHP by 20%, amplifying Griffin Defender’s offensive prowess.

However, this Unit also carries the burden of a Cover ability, redirecting any damage-targeting ally Units towards himself. Combined with hisrelatively low HP, Griffin Defender becomes susceptible to being swiftly eliminated from battle after just two turns.

Yet, despite these drawbacks, the advantages offer ed by Griffin Defender are difficult to overlook. For risk-seeking players who relish thrilling moments of chance during matches, this enigmatic Unit holds great appeal. Embrace Griffin Defender and embrace the exhilarating highs and lows it brings to your battles, as luck intertwines with skill on the battlefield.

  • Wandering Ranger

Despite its relatively low HP, Wandering Ranger compensates with an exceptionally high SPD rating. The passive skill Quick Eyes serves as a valuable asset, enhancing the unit’s capabilities. With the Haste buff augmenting SPD by 30% and the Immune buff rendering Wandering Ranger impervious to one debuff, her effectiveness is further bolstered.

One of the unit’s key advantages lies in her ability to afflict debuffs on ‘all enemies’ through the Sparrow Shot skill. The Slow debuff, which decreases Unit’s SPD, and the Weak debuff, reducing maxHP by 20% when applied to the entire opposing Unit, become formidable and advantageous tools in battle.

However, as mentioned, the Wandering Ranger’s low HP renders it vulnerable on the battlefield. Therefore, devising effective defense strategies is essential to maximize the unit’s potential and preserve her value throughout the encounter. Consider thoughtfully fortifying the Wandering Ranger to ensure she thrives and delivers substantial impact in battle.

  • Nightblade Hunter

Nightblade Hunter, while sharing a similar stat distribution with the Wandering Ranger, possesses a distinct gameplay style. Unlike Wandering Ranger’s debuffing capabilities, Nightblade Hunter excels in steadily increasing hisown damage output through the Steel buff granted by the Sharp Knives passive skill. With Steel activating each time the Nightblade Hunter deals a critical hit, his ATK receives a 30% boost.

To fully harness this advantage, casting Runes that provide critical bonus effects on Nightblade Hunter is highly recommended. This increases the likelihood of continuously triggering the Steel effect for multiple rounds. As a result, this skilled hunter becomes a formidable force, capable of consistently dealing massive damage to opponents.

Considering Nightblade Hunter’s unique abilities, it proves to be an excellent choice for an attacking unit in your squad. Leverage its potential to dominate the battlefield, as it relentlessly inflicts devastating blows upon your adversaries.

Example of Rune that can grant Unit Critical points.

4. Terra Unit

  • Vanguard Centaur

Boasting the formidable Invincible buff, which renders the Unit impervious to damage and debuffs for a duration of 2 turns, the Queen’s Blessing passive skill bestows a potent and resilient advantage. Vanguard Centaur assumes the role of a reliable Unit tanker, adept at withstanding and absorbing damage on behalf of the team.

However, it’s important to note that Vanguard Centaur operates as an Idle Unit, meaning its attack capabilities are only activated when enchanted by Runes. As a result, this unit assumes a more passive role in battle, relying on external enhancements to unleash its potential. This aspect may present a slight challenge when utilizing the Vanguard Centaur effectively during encounters.

  • Dwarven Warrior

With the highest EQL among all the units featured in the Alpha Test, Dwarven Warrior stands out as the ideal choice for the pivotal rune-carrying role in your squad. His suitability is not only due to his impressive EQL, but also because this stout dwarf strikes a balance between impressive offensive prowess and durability on the battlefield.

Dwarven Warrior’s passive skill, Wolfen Beads, bestows upon it a consistent and substantial amount of damage output. Adding to its arsenal is the formidable Sleep debuff, which forces the enemy Unit to skip its turn during Action Phase. Although this debuff relies somewhat on chance, its power is undeniable, providing a significant advantage to your squad during that particular turn.

Furthermore, Dwarven Warrior possesses a notably substantial HP, granting him the ability to endure and survive longer in combat, and it means that he can play an essential role in sustaining your squad’s overall effectiveness throughout battle.

For a deeper understanding of EQL, we recommend reading this article.

  • Armored Werewolf

Similar to his Terra element counterparts, Armored Werewolf possesses a commendable EQL, making it an ideal candidate for carrying Runes within your squad. However, what sets this Unit apart is his unique ability to revive through the passive skill Loyal Serf, this ability makes Armored Werewolf’s real HP more than 200 HP totally. This remarkable trait positions it as one of the highest HP Units in the Alpha Test. Moreover, Armored Werewolf also has a respectable ATK, allowing him to contribute significantly to the offensive capabilities of your squad during battles. Notably, the inclusion of the debuff Disarm (which decreases enemy Unit’s ATK by 30%) further enhances his formidableness and inherent danger.

In essence, when summarizing Armored Werewolf, three words come to mind: sturdy, enduring, and versatile.

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With that, I have provided you with an overview of the fundamental details regarding the 12 Units featured in the upcoming Alpha Test of Rune Seeker. I sincerely hope that this information proves valuable to you and assists you in navigating your path through the captivating realm of Rune Seeker.

May it contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable journey as you embark on your adventures!


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