[Announcement] Alpha Test Awards for participants

During the 3-week Alpha Test, you will have the chance to compete fairly with other players to win our Weekly Awards, All Time Awards, or Content Creators Awards.

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4 min readApr 21, 2023

Greetings, Rune Seekers! We are excited to announce the official release of the Alpha Test of Rune Seeker!

To download the Alpha Test, please visit Rune Seeker website and click on the “Open Alpha” button.

So, we want to express our gratitude for the valuable time and support that the player community has invested in testing our Alpha Test version. To express our appreciation, we have decided to organize engaging competitions with attractive prizes for you to participate in.

During the 3-week Alpha Test, you will have the chance to compete fairly with other players to win our Weekly Awards, All Time Awards, or Content Creators Awards. See the details below:

  • Weekly Awards

Throughout Alpha Test period, we will be awarding prizes to the top 3 players on the Tower mode leaderboard each week.

The format of this Award is as follows: On a daily basis, at 15:00 UTC, we will document the positioning of players on the Tower mode Leaderboard. Those ranked within the top 1 to top 5 will receive scores corresponding to their respective ranks according to the following criteria:

Then, on the next week Tuesday at 15:00 UTC, we will compile the scores of all players in Tower Mode for that week. Subsequently, the Weekly Awards Tower Mode prize will be granted to the top 3 players who have achieved the highest scores throughout the week.

In light of the recent game update aimed at resolving bugs, we have made the decision to adjust the timing for counting scores in the Tower Mode Awards. Starting on Tuesday, 6/6/2023, we will begin counting scores for the top player in the Tower Mode. The results will be posted to #tower-result in our discord channel every day and week!

Furthermore, we will also be awarding three prizes every week to three players who have the most impressive and exciting in-game moments of that week. Please join our discord and share your moment here to participate in this reward.

[Announcement] Rune Seeker Alpha Test Instruction | by Rune Seeker | Apr, 2023 | Medium

  • All Time Awards

The All-Time Awards will include a single reward for the first player to complete all stages in the Campaign across all modes (easy, normal, and hard).

Additionally, prizes will be awarded to all players who have successfully completed all stages of the Campaign in normal mode and have also participated in 10 PvP matches. It’s worth noting that this bonus is not limited in number, so all eligible players have a chance to win.

  • Content Creators Award

We want to express our gratitude to KOLs and content creators who have been supporting the Rune Seeker player community with their time and energy. In appreciation, we have created an award exclusively for them. We will select 5 content creators who have made the most positive contributions to our community during this Alpha Test. You are free to create any content you like, whether it’s videos, articles, live streams, or community events.

To participate and share us your content products, please join our discord and share your content here:

Dear Rune Seekers! We hope that these awards will enhance your gaming experience by providing a competitive, healthy, and enjoyable atmosphere. These awards are not only an expression of our appreciation, but also an acknowledgement of the dedication and support shown by the Rune Seeker community throughout our journey.

To sum up, for this Alpha Test, we will be arranging the following awards:

May your journey in the world of Rune Seeker be unforgettable, and we eagerly anticipate your continued support!


PC: MacOS/Window

Additionally, if you have any questions or suggestions, please send emails to support@runeseeker.com

Have a good day and thanks for reading.

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