Rune Seeker — Official Fundraise [Q3&4/2022]

Rune Seeker is designed to be a next-generation simultaneous turn-based strategy card game that brings together the tactical nuance of conventional card games with the boundless technological potential of blockchain. Rune Seeker is free to play, and players can win by using their skills only — without any initial investments.

Rune Seeker
6 min readDec 7, 2022

In the first three months of 2021, the market experienced significant swings. While some people struggled to survive the brutal winter, others were preoccupied with the market’s ups and downs. In order to get ready for the return of the Bull Market, we built the Rune Seeker universe.

After concentrating on the research, planning, and development of Rune Seeker, we have a clear roadmap to prepare for the testnet in Q4 2022. We are now looking for reputable investors who believe in the value and potential of blockchain. We believe the success of Rune Seeker will depend on having the right people supporting the project.

You can read more at our Whitepaper, or take a look at our project description below.

About the game

Rune Seeker is designed to be a next-generation simultaneous turn-based strategy card game that brings together the tactical nuance of conventional card games with the boundless technological potential of blockchain. Rune Seeker is free to play, and players can win by using their skills only — without any initial investments. Commanders will need to strategically employ the resources at their disposal in order to triumph through technical superiority and gather priceless digital assets secured by NFT technology.

Rune Seeker, in contrast to traditional tactical card games, concentrates on its map to create fair battles. The map for each match is generated at random and is composed of four elements that cooperate with one another — in accordance with Rules of the Four Elements. This guarantees that no player will ever play on the same map during her journey.

Read more at Whitepaper

About the team

As a team, we enjoy playing games, believe in the potential of blockchain technology, and are fortunate to have expertise in game design, development, and production. We have collaborated on the creation of numerous graphic and gaming projects, both conventional and blockchain-based, for the past five years.

Now, we want to create our very own blockchain-based product.

  • First, we always strive to put value first.

We think that a project’s value serves as the best indicator of its success. The importance of value is so great that some may try to fabricate value in their products.

Focusing on enhancing the value of our products and communities is the most sustainable approach. By fostering a community of value-focused developers, we think Rune Seeker will advance blockchain, gaming, and the future where technology permeates every aspect of life.

  • Second, we never stop building

At Monster Box, we believe in real value produced by real effort. After conducting thorough market research, we have built our team and products from the bull season to the bear season. We can learn from the past and gain practical experience through this process of knowledge accumulation, and it will also point us in the right direction for the future.

We choose to keep building.

About Tokenomics & NFT

We think that the ecosystem of various economic activities in Rune Seeker can be made transparent, dynamic, and efficient by using blockchain technology. Additionally, this may contribute to actual benefits and encourage healthy competition between parties.

It should be noted that, unlike other play-to-earn games, Rune Seeker will use blockchain to support its gameplay rather than relying on gameplay to support its tokens.

The $RUNES, which has the potential to be more widely used than any other GameFi token currently in use, will serve as the main medium of exchange in Rune Seeker.

RUNES will be used to

  • Trade for almost all resources, including necessary ones as well as Cards, Units, Land, and Buildings.
  • Develop Units
  • Shorten evolution and upgrade wait times
  • Participate in Rune Seeker events like season passes and gacha games
  • Cast your vote for or against the game’s development team’s proposed changes.

Here are the two most important things you should remember about our non-inflation tokenomics:

  1. Free-to-Play game — does not award tokens to players

Players won’t need to invest any money to play the game, but they always have the option to do so after weighing the financial advantages and the liquidity or profitability of their investment while observing the player-driven economy. They can decide to spend money to improve their gaming experience by building bases, upgrading their squad, and trading and exchanging items as in other traditional games.

Notably, unlike other GameFi that are currently available, players do not receive any $RUNES through gameplay. This also means that people won’t have to worry about $RUNES becoming saturated if a lot of new players enter the market and their investment is affected. Real investments made by players who choose to do so in order to maximize their gaming experience will support $RUNES.

2. No token issuance during vesting

Only 39% of the total amount of $RUNES will be distributed monthly during the first 1.5 years of market circulation. Of which, 29% will come from the initial investors who provide the funding necessary to create this game, and 10% will be secured in a liquidity pool & CEX listing.

To ensure a constrained supply in line with Rune Seeker’s growth and development, the token payment route is also extended in this 29% over the course of 12 to 24 months.

According to the schedule, 10% of tokens will be locked into the liquidity pool to meet market demand.

After fully vesting the 29% of the funding round, only a small portion of the remaining 61% will be unlocked.

In addition, we’ll buy back and burn a large portion of the players’ investment revenue. The supply becomes more limited the higher the demand.

You can watch this explainer video and read more in our Whitepaper & Pitch Deck:

We selected the 4 primary item types for which NFT minting is intended when discussing NFTs:

  1. Runes — Adventitious, Unique, and Rare
  2. Units — Powerful, Customizable And Tradable
  3. Buildings — Essential And Emblematic of Power
  4. Hero Skins: Adventitious, Distinctive, And Individualized.

All NFT items will be available for free trading on the marketplace created to promote trading. With the same NFT creation mechanism as previously described, a 2% transaction fee, and a high transaction volume and liquidity are anticipated for the Rune Seeker marketplace.

You now have the most comprehensive overview of Rune Seeker to date. Please take a closer look at our project in the Whitepaper & Pitch deck if you think it’s interesting or if this is the chance you’ve been waiting for.

Additionally, if you have any questions or offers, please send emails to (Vu is our representative and he’s nice).

Have a good day and thanks for reading.

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