Rune Seeker: Brings back the traditional, brings back the good old days

Let’s take a look at the classic entertainment values that appear in Rune Seeker: a strategy card game in which we introduce a wide variety of game activities/experiences such as base building, progressing, developing adventitious card sets, and owning unique hero skins.

Rune Seeker
5 min readOct 5, 2022

We want to instill traditional entertainment values in Rune Seeker, the next-generation flagship blockchain game. Millennials and Gen Z are currently the largest generation in blockchain adoption, so we believe that giving them pure pleasures that stimulated them throughout their childhood will catalyze the industrial revolution that has taken place.

1. Build your own home, and make it unique

Building a base is an essential step in creating a legacy for any traditional gamer. Rune Seeker allows players to build a base with a diverse system of buildings:

  • Castle (required/non-movable): As the player’s headquarters and the center of the Base, the castle’s size will change based on the Base’s overall growth. The castle is the most fundamental component in the construction and development of the player’s Base, and in supporting the Buildings built around it.
  • Essential Buildings (required/movable): Buildings that serve important functions in the game (i.e. Heal, Gacha, and so on). These structures can be moved to another location, but they must remain in the Base. These structures benefit from close proximity to the Castle.
  • Mining Buildings (optional): These are structures whose primary function is to produce resources that the player can use in Rune Seeker (Ex: quarry, diamond mining, etc.).
  • Ancillary Buildings (optional): Structures whose primary purpose is to support Base operations (for example boosting the productivity of the surrounding mines or Castle’s power in Combat, etc.).
  • Decorative Buildings (optional): Buildings that are meant to decorate the Base and assist the player in expressing themselves (i.e. pretty pictures or features that help to show off personal Units or achievements, and so on).

It should be noted that each player’s base not only has a unique architecture and structure, but it is also constructed from various buildings based on his own strategy. Because these buildings will differ according to the Law of the Four Elements (see more in the Whitepaper), the layout will have an impact on the building’s productivity. Furthermore, different buildings aid in the production of various types of resources, army support, and different advancement paths.

2. Evolve Units in unique ways

Aside from the Unit system, there will be various races, systems, and special skills; players can also use resources to upgrade their Units to extremely rare levels. Evolution alters not only form and strength, but also race/type and skill set. Thus, the amount of resources and battle experience invested in Units will be shown not only in stats, but also in visuals and skill effects.

Rune Seeker players can construct an army of Units that evolve into distinct races based on their preferences, and “raise” legendary Units of the server.

3. Draw your card, make it unique

Aside from Units, the main combat unit in Rune Seeker battles is Runes. Runes are used to have a continuous and significant effect on Units and Terrain during each turn of combat, so the outcome of the battle is heavily reliant on skill and strategy. Using the Runes of each faction player, the higher your skill, the more flexible and reasonable your strategy, the better your chances of winning.

Each rune consists of two rune shards of the Creation (right) and Absorption (left) types. The first version of the game will feature 100 different Creation runes combined with other 100 Absorption runes, forming up to 10000 Runes with unique effects. When competing in battle, most players will likely have completely different sets of Runes Decks.

The variety of Runes allows you to not only create unique tactics, but also surprise elements to your opponents.

4. Randomize your Hero

Hero is the avatar of the player; and each player can own one Hero only. Essentially, a Hero has the following effect:

  • Represent the player’s personality.
  • Fight as the avatar of the player. Visually, when the player activates Runes, the Hero will perform the actions.
  • As the Hero levels, it will yield the player many new benefits and rewards.
  • Use the Hero’s NFT collection to express yourself, gain some minor benefits, and exchange those NFTs on the Marketplace.

Rune Seeker’s Heroes have 12 skin sets, each with 6 components. Skins are generated at random from the skin production pool. Rune Seeker’s skin combination system is as follows:

For this reason, only 12 complete sets with complete stats will be randomly generated out of over 2.9 million skins. Skins in Sets 3 (have 3 components from one set) and up have extra stats, giving them a slight advantage.

There will be a public database for all of the NFT skins, letting players know which sets have been opened and owned by whom, and which are still in the pool and have not appeared. This data system allows the players to select each piece of skin to find the set they want, find out who owns them, so they can contact to buy or trade it. This ensures that the rarity, real value and transparency of these particular NFTs are always envisioned and deeply understood by the community.

All the items above can be won while playing the game and in gacha; or bought directly from the marketplace. Most importantly, players can NFT-mint their items to convert them into digital assets, assisting in the establishment of ownership, storage, preservation, and easy exchange on the blockchain.

Please refer to the Whitepaper for more information, and read our latest articles on Medium.

It is time to build a bridge between traditional entertainment values and modern technology, and to add value to cyberspace in the new world.

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