[Official announcement] Rune Seeker is going to run on Avalanche

The Avalanche network is the perfect match for our NFT game, Rune Seeker.

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5 min readFeb 7, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Rune Seeker will run on the @Avalancheavax blockchain! We’re impressed with the quality of the Avalanche team and their products, and believe our project will align perfectly with what they have to offer. #RuneSeeker #Avalanche

The Avalanche network is the perfect match for our NFT game, Rune Seeker. The combination of high speed and the ability to create decentralized apps make Avalanche a top choice for the NFT industry. We can’t wait for our players to experience the exciting world of Rune Seeker on the Avalanche network.

Working with the Ava Labs team has been a fantastic experience for our NFT project, Rune Seeker. They have been extremely supportive and professional, making the process seamless. The level of expertise and dedication from their team has made us even more confident in their network and products. It was an easy decision for us to choose Avalanche for #RuneSeeker.

Why Avalanche?

a) Outstanding Transaction Speed and Scalability

First, Avalanche offers incredibly competitive transaction speed, which is crucial for user experience and behavior. In the gaming industry, users dislike lags, so the development team must ensure their product can respond quickly to continuous requests.

Second, Avalanche is built with the ability to upgrade, expand, and grow indefinitely, which helps mitigate risks associated with operational disruptions. This also ensures seamless operation for the gaming community, avoiding any gaming interruptions.

Avalanche also offers other technical advantages such as low transaction costs, security, and ease in storing or trading tokens/NFTs on the network, ensuring player benefits and convenience.

b) Support for Substantial NFT Minting at Lightning-Fast Speed

In the gaming industry, NFT minting and transaction time are considered the most important factors. Avalanche has demonstrated its ability to accelerate NFT minting, even in large numbers, at incredible speed. This showcases the network’s competitive speed in various areas, including information processing, transactions, and NFT minting and trading.

c) Active Support for Game-Fi Projects

Avalanche offers new Web3 users a far better experience compared to older networks with high costs, slow transaction speeds, or instability. Projects with a large non-Web3 user base, such as games, will greatly benefit from developing on Avalanche. The network immediately grants players the benefits of fast transaction speed, low costs, and stability.

What Rune Seeker offer for the Avalanche community?

The Rune Seeker development team consists primarily of experienced gamers and blockchain enthusiasts, and we believe a gamer group leads the mass adoption trend the best. Still, compared to the development time of more than a decade of blockchain, the amount of brainpower, funding, and attention the blockchain community has devoted to gaming thus far is still very modest. GameFi’s boom last year had significant effects, even when the number of playable and enjoyable games during this period was limited.

For this reason, GameFi will continue to be a critical part of any ecosystem or platform. We believe a well-designed and in-depth gameplay will help attract a large number of users when the project succeeds, and that a large number of users will be converted to Web3 users on Avalanche and in other projects in the ecosystem.

About Rune Seeker, again

As a next-gen simultaneous turn-based strategy card game, Rune Seeker is designed to combine the tactical depth of traditional card games with the limitless technological potential of blockchain. Rune Seeker will be Free-to-play, but players can still win based purely on their own skill without initial investment. Commanders will need to strategically utilize resources at their disposal to achieve victory through superiority in skill and accumulate valuable digital assets protected by NFT technology.

Here are the three most important things you should remember about our non-inflation tokenomics:

A. Free-to-Play — does not reward players with tokens

Notably, unlike other GameFi that are currently available, players do not receive any $RUNES through gameplay. This also means that people won’t have to worry about $RUNES becoming saturated if a lot of new players enter the market and their investment is affected.

B. No token generation during vesting

During the first 1.5 years, only 25% of the total amount of $RUNES will be circulated in the market, distributed monthly. Of which, 20% will come from initial investors who contribute resources to make this game possible, and 5% will be locked in a liquidity pool & CEX listing.

C. Seed Investor can participate in a special staking program

We created a series of bonus mechanisms specifically for those who stay, creating a more balanced game theory model where the seller would generate additional benefits for those who hold. Token of investors in the Seed round (and only investors in the Seed round) will act as shares, receiving dividends from advertising & in-app purchase revenues, and a part of the marketplace’s fee.

We are grateful for the support from our community. To learn more about our project and its unique features in the growing GameFi market, including our #RUNES tokenomics model, diverse NFT system, and exciting potential for future developments, visit us at runeseeker.com. Thank you for your continued interest and stay tuned for more updates from us in the future.

p/s: Please take a closer look at our project in the Whitepaper if you think it’s interesting or if this is the chance you’ve been waiting for.

Additionally, if you have any questions or offers, please send emails to vu@runeseeker.com (Vu is our representative and he’s nice).

Have a good day and thanks for reading.

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