Mastering the Tower Mode: Compete for the Weekly 200USDT Prize!

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3 min readJun 2, 2023

Good day, Rune Seekers! In our previous article covering the Alpha Test Awards, we provided an overview of all the awards that will be available during this phase.

In this article, I will guide you through the mechanics of Tower mode, allowing everyone to gain a better understanding and participate in our Weekly Awards with comfort and enthusiasm.

1. Tower mode

Upon initially entering the game, you will be assigned a ranking in Tower mode. Please note that this initial ranking will likely be relatively low and will depend on the number of participants in the Tower mode. The key to improving your rank is by engaging in battles against players with higher rankings. The key to improving your rank is to engage in battles against players who have higher rankings than you. By emerging victorious in such battles, your rank will be updated to reflect the rank of the defeated player. The highest rank limit per challenge is 10.

For instance, if your initial rank is 100, the highest-ranked player you can challenge is 91. If you decide to challenge a player ranked 91 and emerge victorious, your rank will then be adjusted to 91.

2. Tower mode’s Weekly Award

The format of this Award is as follows: On a daily basis, at 15:00 UTC, we will document the positioning of players on the Tower mode Leaderboard. Those ranked within the top 1 to top 5 will receive scores corresponding to their respective ranks according to the following criteria:

Then, on the next week Tuesday at 15:00 UTC, we will compile the scores of all players in Tower Mode for that week. Subsequently, the Weekly Awards Tower Mode prize will be granted to the top 3 players who have achieved the highest scores throughout the week.

In light of the recent game update aimed at resolving bugs, we have made the decision to adjust the timing for counting scores in the Tower Mode Awards. Starting on Tuesday, 6/6/2023, we will begin counting scores for the top player in the Tower Mode. The results will be posted to #tower-result in our discord channel every day and week.

We sincerely hope that each and every one of you will have an enjoyable and unforgettable gaming experience throughout our three-week Alpha Test!


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